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March 28, 2017 (GSN) - It is wrong to fight alongside forces whose main aim is to destroy Ethiopia, says Samrawit Sisay, who recently defected from Ginot 7 and returned to Ethiopia.

In a video interview with Ethiopia First, Samrawit tells her story of why she went to Eritrea and joined Ginbot 7, what she witnessed there during her period with Ginbot 7, and why she finally decided to leave Eritrea and return to Ethiopia.

In the video interview, Samrawit warns others not to make the same mistake she did. She advises fellow Ethiopians to struggle for a better democracy, justice and fairness here at home, rather than going to Eritrea and fight alongside Shaebia. Shaebia does not stand for a better Ethiopia, says Samrawit, but for a weak and fragmented Ethiopia. (Ezega)




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