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June 23, 2017(GSN) - Former Sonu vice chair Irene Kendi, who once deputised Babu Owino, has taken a vow of abstinence.

"I will not have sex from today until Uhuru becomes the president again and Linturi the senator for Meru County starting now," Kendi wrote on Facebook. Her post ignited mixed reactions, and here is what Kenyans had to say about her statement:

Keith: Maybe Irene is just a thirsty innocent girl.

Wambui: Ata kama...This is funny. Them they are having sex at any moment they get a chance.

Sam: This bullsh*t statement is unethical. Grow up, woman.

Gordon: Sema, you don't have a husband.

Frank: At this rate, you need a psychiatric. Politics come and go, don't mess your brains and integrity because, after everything, that's all you got. There is no difference between you and mama chungwa.

Sennah: You have denied yourself sweetness. For such selfishness and commitment to a course may it be rewarded.

Julius: I support you, dear. I'll consider doing the same here in Kericho. (The Star, Kenya)


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