odolCalgary, Canada, March 25, 2013 (GSN) - We wonder till this day how this individual Odol Ojulo, who call himself Diaspora politician have affected the New Gambella. It is very important to understand the composition, nature and mindset of such people not because they are major threat to the progress made by our State but it has a potential to paint a negative image of our country in the world.

Australia, August 11, 2013 (GSN) - If knowledge is power, ignorance is weakness.In community work, there's almost always someone opposed to whatever it is you're doing.

January 09, 2014 (GSN) - The Anuak people of Western Ethiopia, is one of the sects of the big family of the Lou of Eastern Africa. Like their kin and kiths in Kenya, Uganda and the South Sudan, Anuaks are the people who like to settle and dwell along the rivers.

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