Gambella Region and Upper Nile State keen to strength border security

May 11, 2021(GSN) - The Ethiopian Gambella Regional State and the Upper Nile State of South Sudan have agreed to work in collaboration on border security, peace and other important common issues.

Officials of the two regional states have held consultations on issues that they could work together on their border areas.

Chief administer of Gambella Regional State, Omod Ojulu told journalists that the two sides discussed on ways to further strengthen people-to-people, economic and social ties between the two regional states.

They have also exchanged views on how to enhance security, peace and health services along the border.

The two sides have reached an agreement to work together to curb criminal activities across the border including movement of illegal arms.

Deputy Governor of the Upper Nile Administration, James Thore commended Ethiopia’s support to the people and government of South Sudan particularly in hosting South Sudanese refugees. (ENA)

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