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March 31, 2020 (GSN) - The Ethiopian government has ordered all foreign students who are studying in Ethiopia to leave the country, including South Sudanese students due to coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The students were studying on government scholarship in Ethiopia.  The Ethiopian government has not given them a specific period to leave the country.

Gatwech Nhial is the chairperson of the South Sudanese student’s association in Ethiopia.

“The Ethiopian government has requested any foreign nations to evacuate their citizens in Ethiopia including South Sudanese. We have been asked to evacuate Ethiopia within a limited time,” Nhial said.

“No days were given but we are just there waiting until there is a flight. If there is a flight tomorrow, maybe we can come.”

 “It is now only the South Sudanese students who are actually living on the campuses.”

“We actually do not know what the government is doing about this. The only thing we know is the government approved the money. But so far everything is quiet we don’t know what is happening.”

The Minister of Higher education Denay Jock Chagor has requested the Ethiopian government to retain South Sudanese who are studying Ethiopia.

“The government of the Republic of South Sudan is kindly requesting you [Ethiopia] that, all South Sudanese students who are studying in Ethiopia shall remain there during this difficult time of pandemic disease Covid19,”

“The government of South Sudan will be responsible for their feeding and other needs.” And the High-Level Taskforce directed the Ministry of Finance to act fast to ensure students in Ethiopia are supported within the shortest time.

The government of South Sudan agreed to offer $3 million to students studying in coronavirus-affected countries, countries include Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, India, and China. While other students claimed that they are the only students still staying at the campuses of those countries affect by the coronavirus.


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