April 25, 2020 (GSN) – You don’t have to look further to find your next enemy just checks your community and politicians who are supposed to commit their best efforts for the public good, not to be hate and fighting against each other.

We must call out lousy conduct from leaders, not play their game. By taking sides, we are not just legitimizing attacks and divisive behaviors; we are also fueling hate.

The worst part is not that hating others is normal; it has become socially acceptable too.

On the social media stage, looking right seems the only thing that matters. Rather than using our emotions and intellect to do what’s best, we focus on proving others wrong those who think differently become our enemies.

The primitive skill to separate friends from foes is an essential survival strategy.

However, that instinct made sense in a primitive age where the world was threatening and unknown. It feels irrational that after centuries of breakthroughs and improvements in medicine, education, technology, and food, to name a few we still feel under constant attack today with coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are emotionally incompetent that’s why we love to hate others.

It’s hard to believe that we are in the 21st Century   we behave as if the world was still unsafe and dangerous.

Many people are not using their voices to make things better. They express their opinions simply to hurt others; to silence opposite thoughts. The hatred that we see daily on Social Media, the news, or water cooler conversations, is doing us no good as a society.

Our hearts have become completely incompetent   hate has taken over our emotions.

Hate Is Personal; What Causes Anger Is Not “In time we hate that which we often fear.” William Shakespeare

Hating others is an easy way out. Hate is a self-defense mechanism. When under attack, the ability to quickly separate foes from friends was essential to survive. However, most of our current threats are perceptions, not real ones we create the fight.

When things don’t go well, we play the blame game   we look for a scapegoat. We like always to be right and feel safe. We embrace hate as a way to protect our self-esteem or to defend our community’s interests or beliefs.

Hate is personal for the attacker, don’t take it personally.

Hate is in the eye of the giver, not on the receiver. People hate what they don’t understand. They reject those who think or look differently. People hate others because of what they reflect on them too.

When someone attacks you, avoid getting into a useless battle.

No one wins the war of hatred war. Regardless if someone is passionate and committed to attacking you. Don’t get caught into that tactic. You need two sides to start a war.

Avoidance is a powerful response. You might not be able to disarm your attacker. But haters love to be hated back they will soon find another enemy that likes to play their game.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”   Martin Luther King Jr.

Inherently we are full of goodness. This sounds hard for many people to digest. But our true essence, as human beings, is to be and do good.

Buddhist psychologist Chögyam Trungpa, author of The Sanity we are born with, says: “Delight in itself is the approach of sanity. Delight is to open our eyes to the reality of the situation rather than siding with this or that point of view.”

When we can observe other points of view without judging, there’s no need to hate. Being different doesn’t mean better or worse; different is just different.

The Internet has empowered us to collaborate, share insights, teach, and support others. We can access content for free: books, pictures, recipes, how-to videos, etc. That’s the magic of human generosity. Perfect proof that our intrinsic nature is good.

Hatred was part of our society's software’ update it came by default; you don’t need to accept that upgrade.

People hate other political parties or religions because their ideology is the truth. They reject other races or ethnic groups because their bodies are superior. People hate an article because they know better.

However, those are just beliefs; not objective truths. Our beliefs blind us   that’s why we hate others.  Edited by @Gmbella Star


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