Gambella, October 27, 2015 (GMN) - Gambella regional government officials are cordially invited all Gambellan nationals in the nation and in Diaspora to come and joint and celebrate the most popular outdoor show festival in state’s capital in December 2015.

Gambella State has announced its readiness to host the 10th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNP) Day in December 2015.

State Chief Gatluak Tut said that the state is finalizing preparations to welcome participants for the annual festival.

He said construction activities on new stadium, guest house, cultural center and meeting hall would soon be finalized for the successful hosting of the national event.

Lessons have also been gained from previous hosts including from the recent ones in Benshangul Gumuz and Somali states, according to the State Chief.

He said the State has planned to make the day special with the inputs gained from the previous celebrations.

"Preparation is good up to now from [the day in which we were announced hosts for the annual festival]," the president said.

According to Gatluak, the day would play an important role to the region in promoting the culture, history, language and way of living beyond building a strong unity among the communities.

"We have native ethnic tribe. So these indigenous populations have to be known by their culture [which is very important]. It is very good for them to show their culture to other people who will come from the different corners of Ethiopia", Gatluak said.

He also pointed out the huge celebratory mood among the community who are now enjoying their constitutional rights to share and promote cultures and traditions among other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

The unity in diversity is facilitating the closeness among the people of the country and creating strong linkage in building a nation with diverse flavors, Gatluak added.

"They had been victimized by the past Derg regime. They could not benefit from any right. All the rights had been denied especially the human and democratic rights. So there was no right for them to play," he said.

The federal constitution honors the rights of the nations, nationalities and people's of this country, he said, adding their constitutional right enables them to realize the ambitions of building one economic community.

So many Ethiopians from different corners of the country come and live in the state, the President said, also mentioning its unique composition which can aid in developing the state.

The age old indigenous cultures and traditions are helping in dealing with problems which emerge occasionally, according to Gatluak.

The president also extended invitation to the different nations of the country to come and add color to the grand festival observed at national level.

The Day of the nations and nationalities also commemorates the Day of the ratification of the federal constitution.

"Participation of nations, nationalities and peoples for better growth and transformation," is the motto chosen for this year's nations, nationalities and People's Day festival. (The Ethiopian Herald)



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