Democratic Election and Free society: Amhare Gilo

Minneapolis, MN,  April 20, 2013 (GSN) - Democratic elections where-ever is taking place, are messier than you think it should be, but on the other hand democracy, democratic elections is a better process of empowerments, of public figures eyeing for leadership in the public sectors.

The game if setup well, it allows people to have alternative choices of their own choosing. There is no clear cut in the process, making it hard on many occasions for contenders to give up, withdraw their names before they go along to the finished line. Sometimes the defeat, the embarrassment people got from the democratic electoral results, like bitter pills are hard to swallow, most of times cumbersome to bear.  But if one is defeated, one must accept the result of the election; concede honorably not because one agrees to but because one has higher ideal, lofty goals about his own society.

The goal of the politicians must be to raise above narrow politics of division, parochial exercising of politics which excludes everyone else except one’s own tribe, villages.  Because such a messy politics would not take us anywhere, if people are not very careful, it could spell chaos, draw us toward ethnic quagmire, of which is followed by social stagnation, and arrested developments. Mind you the rest of the Ethiopians provinces, in 20 yrs. of this regime takeover have been leaping forward in realm of developments: be it in education, infrastructure building or economic empowerment, industrial construction, road building, etc… all have registered very remarkable, irreversible results for them.

The gap between us and the highlanders as we called them in Gambella in developments is the north- south poles in measure. So what happened? Why are we lacking behind? Well briefly Gambella has been in what political scientists called perpetual violence, making the tiny state like ours with size Mankato County’s population ungovernable and uncontrollable for a while. And even now the fire is not out completely there are many vicissitudes of logs in my views with fire still hidden in the wet bushes of savannas; no one for sure knows when they will catch the dry grass reignited it into fire again.  But one thing is certain we don’t want war, and war has not been good to our people, it has dragged our people down, made us the laughing stock. There is nothing to gain from war except the loss of lives of loves ones. We must choose the path of progress alleviate our people from age old suffering they are in now.

We must devote our times to learning, training ourselves for best skills we could apply tomorrow in rebuilding our society. Leave politics to those who are the wizard of politics, leave health institutions to those who are health expertise, education to educators, leave policing to those who police the crimes etc...Etc... Lastly respect for all individual in their own fields, if we do that we build a harmonious society with peace in minds.    

Sources: Amhare Gilo is Studied Political Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato

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