Gambellan Diaspora Chicken Politics

Australia, August 11, 2013 (GSN) - If knowledge is power, ignorance is weakness.In community work, there's almost always someone opposed to whatever it is you're doing.

Even if your goal is something everyone can agree on, there will be those who disagree with your methods for achieving it. I wonder till this day how these minority groups who call themselves Gambella Diaspora politicians have affected the New Gambella.

It is very important to understand the composition, nature and mindset of such people not because they are major threat to the progress made by our region but it has a potential to paint a negative image of our country in the world.

What is the contribution of the so called Gambella Diaspora politicians to Gambellan region? Gambellan Diaspora politics has been there for ages but it has become very vocal in the past 12 year, thanks to social media that contribute easily spread their views of hate, which is usually distorted and helps to misinform of Gambella Diaspora, which does not have other sources of information to check, verify and triangulate news and views sent from such Gambella Diaspora groups who have their own hidden mission. They have also effectively used social forums and media including facebook groups, pages, churches, YouTube TV programs and their extremist media propaganda machine “Anywaa Radio Service” (ARS) unregistered without code of conduct operated by notorious Agwa Gilo, Abang Baye Adome  and Adhiero Omot based in Winnipeg, Canada in government subsidy house basement, Their news and views does not have dependable sources and does not reflect what is happening on the ground. They send their view and suspicions as news to the Gambellan Diaspora to divide Openo and Lul Anyuaks and Gambella ethnics group. Their full lists of their supporters’ names will be on public soon.

The common characteristics of the Gambellan Diaspora politicians are that they are so detached from the day-to-day developments of the region. Hence, their view and aspiration does not take in to account the aspiration of the common person, groups, nations and nationalities in the country. The New Gambella has moved from hate politics and has set common development agendas for the region, clear and just regional budget allocations and utilization, decentralized power sharing system whereby nationalities feel included and not rejected as in previous systems, and time and again it has proved that it is the country to be reckoned and is playing an increasing role in regional and international politics. It has become one of the African countries that are good examples in attaining holistic development.

In light of this, the chicken politics played by Gambella Diaspora has little contribution, if any, to the political and socio-economic development of the country. It is not grown to the level of maturity that the Gambella peoples can trust and depend up on. Quite often the lack coherence in their strategy and alliances and more so they lack clear vision and agendas for the region. They are snake poisons to Gambella society.

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